When we took the decision to go for vacation, next question Aries where to go?There are some countries from Asia, Africa and Europe where you can go for a short trip. Sounds interesting!! Yea it’s true that you will not require any visas to visit following countries.

Lets have a look at those countries and a bit more information about that country which will help to make a budget and plan for your next vacation. Now we will see which countries allows Bangladesh passport holders to enter their country without Visa.

No Visa Required For Bangladeshi Passport Holders:










Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Trinidad and Tobago


Travel is the quintessential tool for gaining a wider perspective on the world, and can even greatly diminish the sometimes trivial problems one faces in their home country. Americans are often criticized for their ignorance of the the rest of the world and its various cultures, but the best way to effectively rid this cultural stereotype is to go out and actually see the world. There is no better time to achieve this perceptual change than through studying abroad now.

Why Should You Study Abroad?

  • Studying abroad has never been more accessible to everyone. Though many still believe that studying abroad is only for the privileged, there are multiple options for any student to find funding for their trip abroad, from grants to online fundraising platforms.
  • Travel brings people together. Not only does travel allow you to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, but it can also turn the attention towards the people already in your life to create a better sense of appreciation for what you have.
  • Traveling at a young age opens up endless opportunities. Studying abroad exposes you to the vastness of the world, instilling a sense of purpose and motivation to achieve your dreams.

Reasons to Study Abroad

There are countless reasons to study abroad, yet students still find excuses for not taking the first step. A common excuse that students make for not studying abroad is that they have never travelled outside of their home state let alone outside of the country. For those few who have barely ventured outside of their hometown, skip the baby steps and study abroad in Asia or Africa to make up for lost time. The bigger the cultural shock, the more long lasting and meaningful the trip will be.

Decide where you want to go and why. It’s one thing to pick a country to study abroad in just because your school offers it, but your trip will take on a whole new meaning if there is an aspect of the country that personally speaks to you. Having a particular motive to help achieve your goal is what will motivate you to find the funding to make it happen.

Work towards your goal. Although the number of Americans studying abroad is steadily increasing, it seems as if the demographic of students studying abroad has stayed consistent. This means that people are still under the impression that study abroad programs are just for the privileged. And while students’ parents do often fund their study abroad trips, those parents put in the work needed for that to happen. If you or your family does not have the financial means to support a study abroad program, you must then accept the necessary fundraising work to make your trip happen. This could consist of a job or even just consistent research for potential funding and study abroad scholarship options.

  1. MALAYSIA – 6,000Tk.
  1. SINGAPORE – 6,000Tk. (Including Sponsor)
  1. THAILAND – 3,800Tk. 
  1. INDONESIA – 5,800Tk. (Including  Confirm Ticket)
  1. PHILIPPINE – 5,000Tk. (Including travel plan)
  1. VIETNAM (Sticker Visa) – 23,000Tk. / 17,000Tk. (Immigration Approval)
  1. MYANMAR – 4,500Tk. 
  1. NEPAL Visa (Seal/Stamp) – 2500Tk./4500Tk.  ( 4 working days for processing)
  1. BRUNEI – 7,000Tk. ( 7 working days for processing)
  1. CHINA – 13,500Tk. ( If previously visit China)
  1. CHINA – 16,500Tk. ( If Previously visit any three country)
  1. CHINA – 18,500Tk. ( If Previously visit a country without any SAARC country)
  1. CHINA – 21,999Tk. ( Double Entry Visa)
  1. CHINA – 32,999Tk. (1 Year Multiple)
  1. CHINA – 42,999Tk. (2 Year Multiple)